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A directory of Houston wedding professionals including photographers, video, reception locations, wedding tips and more. Your guide to planning the perfect Houston wedding.

Twenty Wedding Tips
A wedding is the biggest event most people will ever plan, endure, or enjoy. Many books have been written about Wedding Planning and are filled with innumerable tips.
But, let's tackle this subject bravely as we first declare that if you have never planned a wedding before, do not underestimate how much you will have to spend, and how far ahead of the date you should plan!
Wedding Tips
Learn about wedding planning with free tips, links, and weekly newsletters. Covers invitations, announcements, attendants, bridal gown and flower bouquet, food catering, music, photography, rehearsal dinner, reception, and more.
Ethnic Wedding Customs
Click on the Ethnic Group or cultural heritage you wish to learn about to find some of the unique ways that matrimony is celebrated around the world. Some of these traditions are so beautiful you may adopt them as your own!
Wedding Reception Tips
Drawing from over 11 years experience in wedding receptions, a Florida band has put together a list of tips to help you in the planning of your reception.
Wedding Gown Tips
Dress to impress your husband to be...and the inlaws!
Peter and Sue give Free Wedding Advice
Listen up! They know from experience!